The Long Beach Childhood Language Center is dedicated to evaluating and treating toddler and preschool age children with speech and language delays and disorders.

Getting Started and the Intake Process

If you have concerns with your child’s speech and language development, please contact our Center at 562-436-7787 and speak with a staff member to see if your child is an appropriate candidate for our program.  If so, you may download, complete, and return required forms along with any additional documentation needed. Click here to download forms. Once all required paperwork has been received, you will be contacted by our office to schedule an evaluation.

IFSP and Regional Center/IEP and School District Services

If your child is currently eligible to receive weekly speech and language therapy services through the regional center, school district, or another state agency, a copy of his or her current records, IFSP or IEP, and most current evaluation must be provided prior to scheduling your child’s evaluation. After a thorough review of all records, a staff member will contact you to discuss your child’s eligibility for our programs.

*Please note that children ELIGIBLE to receive weekly speech and language therapy services from more than two sources (speech therapist, private therapist, special day class) will not be eligible for our program. Our services are considered supplementary and are not intended to replace recommendations made by the regional center or school district.


During your child’s evaluation, we will attempt to determine his or her current levels of communicative functioning. Parent participation is an important component of the evaluation. Please be prepared to answer questions, provide examples, and share information regarding your child’s communication and social development.

Individual Therapy Services

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The majority of our therapy is provided to children in a one-on-one setting with a therapist. Parent education is an important aspect of our program and is essential in order to ensure progress and growth in all areas of communication. Parents are required to observe each therapy session in order to better understand their child’s communication goals and how to facilitate skills outside the therapy setting.





Friendship Builders

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Friendship Builders social-cognitive play group that meets for an hour once a week. It focuses on a variety of social language skills including: improving peer relationships, increasing attention, language expansion, pretend & dramatic play, functional language usage, following directions , initiating and maintaining conversations,  turn taking, and sharing. Parents are required to observe all sessions in order to assist in the generalization of skills to the home and community environments.





Speech Club

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Speech Club is a small group for children with speech sound production delays that meets for an hour once a week. Parents observe sessions in order to understand current treatment targets and level of prompting needed for successful production of speech sounds. Children receive homework weekly and are required to practice skills daily at home. Candidates for the group generally have intact receptive language, cognitive, and readiness skills.